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State/Province : Latitude: 40.4172871, Longitude: -82.907123


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID 
1 Ernstes, Henry  Ohio I224764
2 Kollmann, Mary  Ohio I222105
3 Feldmann, Henry H.  Aug 1844Ohio I221490
4 Feldman, Bernhard  1847Ohio I224886
5 Schmidt, Mary  20 Aug 1848Ohio I217134
6 Feldman, Mary Elizabeth  Apr 1849Ohio I692
7 Pund, Caroline  1850Ohio I224861
8 Feldman, Mary  1852Ohio I224882
9 Feldman, Mary  1852Ohio I224888
10 Duerstock, Gerhardt  Jun 1852Ohio I221453
11 Feldman, Catharine  Abt 1853Ohio I221443
12 Feldman, Henry  1853Ohio I224859
13 Feldman, John  1854Ohio I224883
14 Feldman, Joseph  1855Ohio I224889
15 Feldman, Bernard J.  Jun 1856Ohio I221445
16 Feldman, Caroline Mary  Jun 1856Ohio I221444
17 ???, Annie  Jan 1857Ohio I224869
18 Feldman, Frank  1858Ohio I224890
19 Feldman, Henry  Abt 1858Ohio I221446
20 Fortman, Carolina Agnes  Abt 1859Ohio I393
21 Feldmann, Henry  Dec 1859Ohio I1068
22 Feldman, Bernard  Abt 1861Ohio I392
23 Holta, Crescentia  Jun 1861Ohio I1073
24 Feldman, Anna  1862Ohio I224891
25 Feldman, Herman  1862Ohio I224884
26 Feldman, August  1865Ohio I224892
27 Feldman, Herman  1866Ohio I224840
28 Feldmann, August  May 1866Ohio I221496
29 Knipper, Philomena  1868Ohio I224841
30 Knipper, Annie  1871Ohio I224862
31 Fox, George W.  Jul 1871Ohio I211321
32 Feldman, Thersia Maria  9 Mar 1872Ohio I217153
33 Knipper, Louis  1873Ohio I224863
34 Feldmann, Harry J.  Jul 1873Ohio I221498
35 Keller, Matilda C.  Abt 1874Ohio I826
36 Thale, Henry A.  Jul 1874Ohio I695
37 Knipper, Rosa  1875Ohio I224864
38 Nieman, Henry J.  25 Sep 1875Ohio I222921
39 Feldman, George Lambert  03 Oct 1876Ohio I222057
40 Thale, John W.  Nov 1876Ohio I696
41 Knipper, Elizabeth  1877Ohio I224865
42 Feldman, Edward L  3 Jan 1877Ohio I217135
43 Feldmann, Joseph Theodore  Sep 1878Ohio I221491
44 Graeber, Dora  Abt 1879Ohio I170
45 Knipper, Josephine  1879Ohio I224866
46 Niemann, "Mary" Philomena "Minnie"  10 Aug 1880Ohio I222922
47 Feldmann, William J.  Abt 1881Ohio I221492
48 Gardener, Elmer E  Abt 1882Ohio I217156
49 Feldman, Leo  Oct 1882Ohio I224874
50 Feldman, Louisa Georgedina  9 Jan 1883Ohio I217152

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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Died    Person ID 
1 Nieman, Unknown Child  Bef 1900Ohio I222964


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   Family    Married    Family ID 
1 Feldmann / Wöste  Abt 1852Ohio F51426